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At the end of December 2017 I spent 5 days in Gambia. Beautiful beaches, friendly people and always nice weather. Except in the rainy season. The Gambia, a small country in West Africa, wedged in Senegal, split through the Gambia river…

The best way to discover a city is with a local. This summer I was on Holiday with my family at the Algarve Coast in Portugal and my friend Ana who is born and raised in Lisbon invited us to visit her beautiful city. And so we did…

Weekendje weg met kinderen met een zorgvraag of beperking

De foute kant van Keulen

Het geheim van Warschau

Cartagena, winterzon aan de Middellandse Zee

Fossielen zoeken: Jurassic Coast

Terug naar Ilha do Sal

Quadtour over Sal